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[setup icon] Sync Bookmarks Utility, version 1.02
Setup program for Windows (syncbkmk-setup.exe, 1.32MB)
Language: English-US

For assistance with installation, see Installation Instructions.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 or ME, or Windows NT, 2000, or Windows XP
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (included with the above versions of Windows)
  • Mozilla 1.0 or higher, or Netscape 6.1 or higher

Please Note:

  • The Sync Bookmarks Utility works only on Windows.

Upgrading From Previous Versions

Users of Sync Bookmarks versions 1.0 and 1.01 should remove their previous installation of Sync Bookmarks before installing this version. Use the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Sync Bookmarks (this may be named "Add/Change Programs" in Windows XP).

For Developers

The source code for the current stable release is available from the File Release page on the Sync Bookmarks project home page.

Testers and developers needing up-to-the-second source code can get it from the CVS repository. See the Sync Bookmark's project home page for details.

NOTICE: The Sync Bookmarks Utility may be copied, distributed, and modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later. The GPL is also available in text-only format in the file LICENSE.TXT, located in the folder where the Sync Bookmarks Utility is installed.


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